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Zhejiang Yuanzheng Auto & Motorcycle accessories Ltd is the leading manufacturer that specialised on the design and manufacturing modified car accessories.

Our Products are:
l Modified LED car head lamp and back lamp
l Bumper
l Grill

Our products are popular in China, South East Asia, Russia, Middle East and many other countries.

We focus on:
l 100% original unique design
l Best quality
l Competitive price

Qualifications and honours:
l Certificate for China Compulsory product certification (3C)
l Certificate for ISO/TS 16949:2009
l Certificate for ISO 9001:2008
l More than 30 national patents of products and technology
l Our company has been ranked as national and provincial patent demonstration enterprise for many years.
l More than 20 products have won National new project technical appraisal.
Our Targets: Innovation Improving


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